How to use Primary Pro products tools

We have designed & made all the Primary Pro products & tools focused on helping professional installers.
Please watch the videos below to see how easy it is to install & seal our insulation and external fittings like lever & antifreeze valves.

We welcome all feedback – if you have other videos you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Making sure you have enough materials for the job

Not having the materials when you start a new project/installation can be costly in time and money. This is why surveying and measuring correctly is so important.

This short video reminds you what to measure to calculate the Primary Pro insulation and Bond & Seal required for each installation.

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One way of fitting Primary Pro and sealing all the Joints

This video is one way of fitting the Primary Pro and sealing all the joins, working your way to the heat pump

Bonding, Sealing and Capping every joint, exposed fitting, and to heat pump is as important as the Insulation.

This is why we made our Bond & Seal to help pro installers when time and the weather are not on their side

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Back plate fixing solution

When fitting pipework and primary Pro insulation, fitting the Rubber lined clips can be a pain. The back plate has to be drilled four times, sometimes getting a good fixing where the holes are can be impossible, adding time and hassle to the job!

We have a solution! Working with Walraven we have made these fixing brackets.
It makes fixing the rubber-lined clips to the wall much faster and with more fixing points, you will not have a problem finding a solid area to drill and screw the back plate to the wall.

It is also simple to make sure your brackets are level, once fitted you quickly adjust the brackets to get the ideal clip spacing.

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Insulating Inta HPBV type lever valves with 35mm Primary Pro

Insulating & sealing all external fittings is vital for the efficiency of the heat pumps and system.
There is a lot of talk about getting COP/SCOP as efficient as possible, however, if there is even a tiny gap in the insulation, water/moisture will permeate, with capillary attraction water will get in between the insulation and the Pipework, this not only affects the efficency but will start to deteriorate the insulation from the outside.

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Fitting, insulating and sealing antifreeze valves correctly

Insulating & Sealing all external fittings is vital for the efficiency of the heat pumps and system.
With Antifreeze valves it’s even more important as if they’re not fitted correctly and in the correct place, they will not work efficiently, or not at all in some instances.

We only want them to open when they need to, that’s where insulating and sealing are very important.
Intatec antifreeze valves measures the water temperature, not the outside air temperature, so in the event of a power cut, the insulation and seal protects the heated water, cooling down fast and opening the valve.

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