Primary Pro

Primary Pro MacroPrimary Pro draws on nearly three decades of experience in the plumbing and heating industry. Over the years, we have consistently witnessed a recurring challenge: the insulation and sealing of external pipework. Existing solutions in the market failed to adequately address this problem, leaving professional installers struggling against time and weather constraints.

That’s why we took the initiative to create a TOTAL SOLUTION!

We understand that air source heat pumps operate most efficiently at low temperatures, optimising COP & SCOP. Our high-quality products empower plumbing and heating professionals to deliver flawless external insulation, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality for customers’ homes and properties.  As homeowners increasingly opt for energy-saving air source heat pumps, proper insulation and sealing of all pipework and fitting becomes crucial for optimum system efficiency.

Our primary objective is to support professionals in their endeavours.

Notably, our ideas and designs stem from industry experts who have experienced firsthand the challenges faced by installers and homeowners alike.

Our total solution ensures satisfaction for all parties involved, as we provide maximum protection and efficiency for external pipework. Our products seamlessly integrate into the wall and meet the new Part L regulation while offering a professional and consistent finish with no messy extras required.

With our 100% waterproof insulation and maximum UP protection, installers gain the freedom to allocate their time towards other aspects of the job, rather than rushing to complete it. Not only does it look impeccable, but it also remains hassle-free throughout the heat pump’s lifespan.