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Primary Pro - maximising heat pump efficiency

Primary Pro is the preferred choice for professional heat pump installers when it comes to insulating and sealing external system pipework. Our top-notch insulation not only maximises heat pump efficiency but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of our customers’ homes, guaranteeing a high-quality finish.

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Primary Pro: Redefining efficiency for heat pump insulation

Insulating and Sealing every part of the external pipework of the heat pump is vital for efficiency, not just of the unit but the entire heating system.

  • 100% waterproof insulation with the very best UV protection.
  • All sizes of insulation to fit pipework, external fittings including lever and antifreeze valves.
  • Sealing every joint and gap with our unique Bond & Seal preventing heat loss and moisture ingress.
  • Clipping on the outside of the insulation so there is no thermal transfer of heat, reducing efficiency.

These were just some of the issues we saw with the insulation that was available before Primary Pro. This inspired us to design and manufacture products that provide a TOTAL SOLUTION.

We only use quality materials

Primary Pro understands that whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or leading a large team, delivering installations of the highest professional standard is crucial. Your goal is to satisfy customers, build an impeccable reputation, and optimize efficiency to reduce business costs.

With our top-quality materials, waterproof and UV-resistant, Primary Pro insulation and accessories ensure long-lasting results that will make every completed job a source of pride. Our solutions not only set you apart from the competition but also exceed customer expectations while demonstrating your commitment to client care.

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Our values

The products at Primary Pro are designed by installers, for installers. We have years of experience in the heating industry and understand the importance of maintaining efficiency in low-heat systems.  Primary Pro is our way of introducing some standardisation for external pipe insulation.

Some simple changes, flexi-pipes that come with neat insulation already attached, rubber-lined clips that secure to the outside of the insulation reducing energy waste, walraven strut for securing the clips, grinder head for levelling the wall, sealing rings for the ultimate neat connection to the building has revolutionised the way we install heat pump pipework. It will reduce the number of breakdowns and eradicate messy improvised methods of insulation that look unprofessional.

We understand how hard it can be to battle the elements while trying to produce a great end result for clients. That’s why our tools and products come ready to use and easy to maintain without the need for sand or cement. Our goal is to give installers and customers a product that infuses ease and quality into their lives and work.

Helping professionals provide the very best insulation on external heating pipework

Saves you time on installation

Protect COP and SCOP of Air Source Heat Pumps

Helps ensure a perfect installation every time

Complies with Mi's / MCS / Part L

Easy to maintain with our maintenance coat

Can be fitted in all weather conditions

Ready for installation straight out of the box

Sizes to fit all external pipework and fittings

Quality professional looks for every customers home

Designed by installers for installers

About us

Our main aim was and will always be to make products that solve issues and help the professional installer protect their customers.


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