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What is the difference between Primary Pro and Class O insulation?


Primary Pro is specifically designed to protect external heating pipework. Our insulation features a unique coating that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is weather and UV-proof. Ready to use straight out of the box, our product is pre-treated and only requires a maintenance coat every 4 years or so.

What sets us apart is our patented Bond & Seal, which effectively seals all joints, making our insulation completely waterproof. Our Bond & Seal expands and contracts with heat and cold, ensuring a permanent seal that won’t crack or come apart over time.

In contrast, Class O insulation is not ready to use externally out of the box. It demands two coats of specific paint, applied dry and under specific humidity and temperature conditions. Additionally, it requires frequent applications of paint and the use of “tape” to seal joints, instead of a purpose-made sealant.

Primary Pro Sleeve

Would you recommend your products for DIY?


External ASHP pipework must be properly insulated and sealed to ensure optimal protection. If you possess the necessary competence and attention to detail, installing Primary Pro yourself is entirely feasible.

Our comprehensive tutorial videos, available on the Learning Center page and our Youtube channel, provide step-by-step guidance for installing our installation. However, it is crucial to avoid common mistakes such as using the wrong product, leaving gaps that allow heat to escape and water to permeate the insulation, and neglecting to utilise rubber lined clips on the exterior.

Additionally, it is essential to seal the insulation to the heat pump and run it inside the wall. Failing to do so will not only decrease the efficiency of the Heat Pump but also lead to degradation and the eventual need for premature replacement.

If you require assistance in finding a professional in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly provide support.

Does Primary Pro insulation come with flexible pipes included?


Yes! We teamed up with Intatec to make a range of flexis with our Primary Pro.

There’s a 750mm pre-insulated straight 1″ female swivel x 28mm twin pack.
And a 750mm pre-insulated angled hose 1″ female swivel x 28mm twin pack.

More sizes are coming soon.

What do I need for each job ?


Primary Pro comes in varying sizes to suit 28mm, 35mm & 42mm pipes, which are all 19mm in thickness. We also made a 22mm x 25mm.
We provide Condensate Pro insulation to prevent the freezing of the wastewater pipe from the heat pump.

For bonding joints, sealing to building fabric and heat pump we have our Bond & Seal.
Grinder Head that attaches to a drill for levelling uneven wall substrates. Drift Kit for coring out a larger hole where an existing pipe is in situ. Sealing Ring to make the area where the insulation enters the building look neater. Pre-lagged flexible hoses, pre-made antifreeze valve covers, bespoke Walraven strut, rubber-lined clips and maintenance coat. We have a solution for every eventuality.

Have a look at the videos on the Learning Centre page for more info.

What is the Grinder Head for?


We have tried to think of every job/scenario a professional will find and provide products and tools to solve each one.

If there is a stone wall or uneven surface, such as a rendered or pebble-dashed wall, then it would be difficult to get a quality seal. We made the Primary Pro Grinder Head to solve this problem.

Take a look at the how-to video in the learning centre tab.

Will the bracket struts save me time?

When fitting the pipework and Primary Pro insulation, fitting the rubber-lined clips can be a pain. The back plate has to be drilled four times (two clips) and sometimes getting a good fixing where the holes are can be tricky, adding time and hassle to the job.

Working with products from Walraven we’ve made these fixing brackets. It makes fixing rubber-lined clips to the wall five times faster and with more fixing points to choose from, you won’t have a problem finding a solid area to drill and screw to. It’s simple to level your brackets, once secured, it’s very easy to adjust to get your perfect clip spacing.

How do I insulate an antifreeze valve?

Intatec have asked us to make this video to show how to insulate their Antifreeze Valve, it protects the efficiency of the Air Source Heat Pump and system and vital heat heat during a power cut, it reduces the time the water will drop to 3℃ and release the Antifreeze Valve.

When the power is restored the system will have to be repressurised which may cause problems for the end customer, the heating professional may have to go out in dangerous conditions to repressurise and get the customer’s Air Source Heat Pump and system working again.

Caleffi do not allow insulating of their antifreeze valves, which is why we’ve only highlighted Intatec in our video as they promote good practice of sealing all external metal pipe and fittings.